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Today's world fits into a bag and it belongs to our opinion. A small touchscreen is enough to gather information around the world and to get in touch with people on all continents. Our mission is to make this new world more beautiful and better. For our customers we populate the new habitat with unique and distinctive Internet sites. We shape the image of a company with unusual design and fresh ideas. With CAD graphics and virtuality, we ensure more experience in the digital space. And finally, our highly-efficient apps provide the ultimate in interaction. They control the flow of information, the lifeblood of a digital world.

We`re a team of 4 freelancers working in 3 continents and 3 time zones

*We´re still working on it.

Really new ideas do not appear on the screen. To develop it needs a little inspiration. We are inspired by new people and places. That is why our team is constantly working on the continual changing of places in the world. As a digital nomad, we have our workplace with our notebook. Our workflow follows the time zones. That is, when a team member finishes his / her work, another one begins with it. At the moment, a working day at dp media.design starts at Jone at the Subic Bay at the Philippines, depending on the weather before or after surfing. A few hours later, Rajesh starts his work in the busy city of Mumbai, if he has not worked through the night again. And Dirk begins his day at the moment with a view of the Alhambra in the Spanish city of Granada. When he saves the finished data for a project to the cloud, Cassy in Brazil is still in the middle of the night. She is the Amazon in our team and loves life in Latin America. Right now, her love of Copacabana belongs to Rio de Janeiro.

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We will sweep you off your feet

...on a positive way

We can't go into the details at this point**, but we will blow your mind. Not only because we can do incredible, naughty and creative things. No, at the latest when you hear our prices, we will you knock off your socks. Do your things, we do ours - together we will achieve awesome things.

**Our co-competitors reading here too. :-D

Ready to get started?

Ready to start a new project with us or curious about us and need more information? Drop us a note or give us a call - we’re happy to answer all your questions.

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